• Dutchess County SPCA

  • Dog Control Officer
  • phone icon (845) 452-7722 x423
  • home icon 636  Violet Ave
  •       Hyde Park, NY 12538

The Town's Zoning Ordinance restricts the number of dogs and cats per residence to four that are over four months of age. All dogs must be licensed in compliance with state and local laws. Licensing fees are as follows:

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Dog Control Ordinance

Neutered / Spayed - $12.50

Unneutered / Unspayed - $20.50
Replacement Tag - $5.00

Dogs found wandering at large are subject to seizure.  To redeem a seized dog on a first-time impoundment, the owner must pay an impoundment fee ($25.00) and shelter fees ($20.00 per day for dogs up to 50 lbs. and $25.00 per day for dogs 50 lbs and over) and present a current dog license.  It may also be necessary to pay for vaccinations.  For each subsequent impoundment, the fee is $30.00 for the second offense, $35.00 for the third offense.

The Dog Control Officer may also issue a ticket for running at large.  Penalties for violations range from $50.00 up to $ 250.00.